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Education. Summer fun. English football camp. "EduKick gave me the opportunity!"
(Eric Behrens ~Derby County)

Although EduKick football tours are available in SPAIN, England, Italy, France, Germany, and Mexico…however, we recommend the famous Spanish football city of Malaga for your football team tour. We have some 20 years of experience hosting teams and groups at our EduKick Spain Football Academy. EduKick SPAIN Football Tours feature daily training under UEFA licensed Spanish pro coaches, excellent facilities, competitive football matches against local Spanish clubs, cultural excursions, social activities, and much more! Train in Spain! Compete against some of the best footballers in the world! Inquire TODAY and your team can experience true Spanish football culture at EduKick Spain! For a specific football team tour proposal for your team, club, or group, please email the following information to admin@edukick.com or WhatsApp: +1-289-242-1143

Football Trials in Wales

1. Accommodation

EduKick Manchester Pro Trial footballers reside with English host families

EduKick Manchester students are accommodated with local host families in the surrounding area. All EduKick host families are carefully selected and experienced with long term international student care. Please note that students are expected to share a room with fellow students at host families. Students must travel independently from host families to their school and training venues each day using public transport. Students will be advised on the best and safest way to travel. The cost per week of travel to the students can ranged from £20 - £35 per week depending on the location of the host family. Breakfast and an evening meal are provided daily by the host family.

Education. Student Life.

Students are taught at our affiliate language institute International House

Participants study English Language & Culture following the world acclaimed communicative approach of International House Madrid (IH). Group size will be 12-15 students per teacher. The aim of our 15 hours per week (9 hours of teaching instruction at IH and 6 hours of English tutoring/homework completion at the university residence) intensive English course is to achieve a sound level of communicative ability in the language, with an emphasis on spoken English..

Football Academy Education

Soccer Tours: Long live soccer

Training is located at the modern stadium pitch of AD COLMENAR, a 3rd Division English Professional Club. EduKick England players are inserted onto AD Colmenar youth sector squads

How do we do it? You’ll get loads of training & exposure to develop your soccer game and improve your English attracting new coaches and opportunities. You’ll get daily soccer training & advice on using new strategies to stay ahead of your competitors and creating opportunities allowing you to upgrade your game significantly. Most importantly, you’ll get an experienced soccer team that’s on your side for the long term.

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